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  • Stand Out Online
    While PPC helps you maintain an online presence, our strategies are designed to outsmart even your biggest competition
  • Trust Your Investment
    Our tracking and reporting shows you how well your ads are performing so you know the true value of your investment
  • Accelerate Your Vision
    We help you fulfill the vision for your company by tailoring our approach to your entire business ecosystem
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The Best PPC Management Solutions For Local Businesses
Specialize In Online Advertising For Businesses That Need To Advertise Locally
Many businesses that need to attract more customers in their local market struggle to get found online. If your business offers services in any of the categories listed below, Project646 may be able to help you stand out online from even your biggest competitors!
  •  Health & Wellness: fitness studios, health spas, and beauty salons; massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic services; nutrition, natural medicine, dental and others can finally get found online AND manage their business
  •  Home Services: contractors for cleaning, maintenance, and repair services can finally say goodbye to Angie's List and start competing with it
  •  Vacation Rental Properties: vacation rental management companies and vacation rental property owners become the competition on and for Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, and more
  •  Insurance: get found online fast and standout among competitors within your agency and outside of it
  •  Law: stop paying expensive referral fees for lead gen companies and start competing with them online
  •  Real Estate: find more buyers for your properties online without the expensive referral fees from lead gen companies
What You Can Expect From The Experts At Project646
Every pay per click management agency offers a list of the same basic services...but some don't offer everything they should. And, while some PPC managers do cover the basics- and even some extras- Project646 still delivers much, much more!
Our team of professionals go above and beyond the standard expectations of even the best pay per click management agencies. We understand what it takes to make your marketing compliment your entire business ecosystem.
We design your PPC marketing strategy around: 
  • your business model and company goals 
  • the existing resources and assets you have available to you 
  • the lifetime value of your customers 
  • who your perfect customer is
...because that's what gets you the most out of your marketing. 
So why pay for cookie-cutter advertising from agencies that only know how to send traffic to your website? With Project646, you can get a complete pay-per-click marketing package that supports the long-term vision for your company and makes your marketing work harder for you
Why Is Project646 The Better Option For Your Business?
Below is a list of skills and services that you should expect from any PPC management agency, as well as the additional benefits you'll receive when working with the experts at Project646 Digital Marketing Agency:
PPC Management Services
What you can expect when working with an agency: 
Google Adwords
Account Structure/Restructure
Keyword Research
Campaign & Ad Group Creation
Text Ad Creation & Copywriting
You should also expect:
Ownership & Access to Your Account (empower owners with their own assets/don't hold your assets hostage)
Google Analytics
Custom Ad Delivery Scheduling
Negative Keywords
Tracking & Reporting
Split Testing & Optimization
Multi-Platform Advertising
Ad Extensions

Added Benefits Of Project646
What else you can expect when working with Project646:
Dedicated account manager
Responsive landing page recommendations, design, & optimization
Advanced bid management
Dynamic Keyword and Keyphrase Insertion
Local (geo-targeting, mobile and click to call, call tracking)
Ad & call extensions
Conversion tracking & optimization (calls, leads, cost per opportunity, cost per sale, ROI)
Detailed performance reporting (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)

How we go above & beyond for you and your business:
Niche platforms (Mindbody, Angie's List, Airbnb, etc.)
Social media advertising
Retargeting ads (industry-based)
Goal setting & vision support
Specialized markets
We Address Your Marketing From All Angles Of Your Business So Your Campaigns Can Deliver The Best Possible Results Because Your Marketing Should Work Hard For Your Business, So You Don't Have To.

Business Model

Our PPC specialists explore your business model to discover potential opportunities for monthly recurring revenue and incorporate them into your campaign strategy. 

Available Resources

Project646 believes that working with a marketing agency shouldn't add to your plate. This approach makes marketing more attainable because it utilizes the resources you already have available. 

Your Perfect Customer

Our experts help you discover who your perfect customer is so your ads will attract raving fans who are loyal advocates for your brand, requiring fewer resources and delivering more repeat and referral business.

Competitive Analysis

Rather than simply increasing your ad spend, we perform an in-depth review of the competitive landscape for your industry and market. This helps us outsmart even your biggest competitors so you stand out online.

Company Goals

Whether you're in it for the long haul or want a fast exit, we build a long-term strategy that supports your main goal and overall company vision, so your marketing can scale with your business.

Existing Marketing Budget

We can build our strategy around your planned marketing budget or common business practices. As soon as your ads are performing for you, we can begin increasing your spend as it makes sense for your business. 

Customer Lifetime Value

We take the time to show you the numbers and help you understand the value of your customers so that you can be confident that the cost of acquiring new ones still delivers a return on your investment.

Market Data

We research the latest trends for your industry and gather data on market insights and customer demands for your business, and help us better understand where to find your target audience and how to speak their language.
Watch The Video Below To Learn How PPC Works
Have you tried traditional advertising...
Like Flyers, Billboards, Newspaper, and Commercials
...Only to have to it not work?
Or SEO, Social Media, Networking, & Trade Shows
...Only to find it a chore to maintain?
Watch this short video that explains how PPC advertising can immediately make you stand out and get real results, quickly!
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